Hanging Basket Styles

We plant up our hanging baskets in a wide range of sizes and styles:


10" hanging pots

12" tuscany baskets

14" wicker baskets

16" wicker baskets

18" wicker baskets

12" cone baskets

14" cone baskets

14" self-watering baskets (See below for more details)

Side planted hanging baskets

Wall baskets

Moss hanging baskets


Below is a gallery of some of our most popular styles kindly sent to us by our lovely customers, hover over the photos for the style description...

What are self-watering baskets?


Good question! Our self-watering hanging baskets contain a reservoir in the bottom half of the plastic container, this compartment can hold three pints of water. The plants and soil above this reservoir sit on a capillary mat which gradually soaks up the water.


When watering this type of hanging basket, you should water it from the top as you would a normal basket but water until you see it dripping out of the overflow holes around the middle of the container. This will ensure that the reservoir is full. 


This product is available in a 14" plastic terracotta colour, however you will not see it after a few weeks as our Summer plants will trail right over it.


We are also able to recycle this basket, simply return it to the nursery (without the previous season's plants!) but with the black disk and chains. You will receive a £1 discount off of your next basket or anything else you choose to buy. If you are purchasing another self-watering basket we will put your old chains onto your new basket.


Although this fantastic basket does not water itself completely - it is a lot less needy than the other styles! 

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