Getting the most out of your hanging basket


How to care for your hanging basket


Here are some handy tips and demonstration videos to improve your summer hanging basket displays:


Frost protection


Our Summer hanging baskets do require protection from the frost, therefore we always recommend keeping an eye on the night time temperatures. If the temperature drops below four degrees your baskets must be covered with fleece or brought inside for the night. It is equally important to bring the baskets back outside or uncover them during the day as they require plenty of light and fresh air. Our Winter hanging baskets are fully frost resistant so there's no need to protect these. 


We recommend feeding your baskets with soluble fertiliser every two to three days. This leads to continued blooming without the need for dead heading. To maximise your hanging baskets you can feed them with a high potash fertiliser, up to three times a week during peak season (July and August). Do not feed your baskets with un-coated fertilisers such as Growmore, as this will be burn the plants.


Don’t let them dry out! Water your hanging baskets regularly. If you don’t have time it might be worth considering installing an automatic drip irrigation system which is inexpensive and saves lots of time…they can also be used in a hosepipe ban because they reduce water wastage.



We are often asked which Summer hanging baskets perform better in certain aspects. If the area gets at least half a days sun than any of our baskets will do well. However if this is not the case in your garden, hanging baskets containing the following plants will do best in these areas: 


Full Sun

Trailing Geraniums,

Trailing Petunias / Surfinia,

Million Bells 



Bedding Begonias

Double Begonia

Trailing Fuchsia 



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