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Our popular summer hanging baskets are available from April, in various styles and sizes. We have a wide selection of summer bedding in trays and home grown basket plants in pots and six packs. For those of you who fancy making your own tubs and baskets we have expertly assembled DIY kits, to make arranging your plants easy.

We have a range of seasonal shrubs and perennials inspirationally displayed and are always happy to give advice and suggest plant combinations.

For the ‘grow your own’ fans check out our edible section containing a great range of vegetable, soft fruit and herb plants.


Plants available during Spring Season:


Summer hanging baskets (from mid-April)

Traditional moss hanging baskets (from beginning of May)

Plug plants (from end of March)

Home grown bedding plants (in various quantities)

Fruit and vegetable plants



DIY hanging basket kits

Basket & patio plants






Garden Sundries


Davies Brothers Gift Vouchers


During this season we sell our long lasting Winter hanging baskets, which we have been busy planting up over the Summer. All our Winter hanging baskets and planters are under-planted with Spring bulbs to ensure an extra burst of colour in the Spring.

The Nursery has a great selection of Winter bedding in large trays, 6-packs and pots including Pansies, Violas, Panolas, Sweet William, Wallflowers, Primroses and polyanthus. We also have a large range of shrubs, perennials and Spring bulbs. 


Plants available during the Autumn season:


Winter hanging baskets

Traditional moss hanging baskets 

Planted tubs (in various sizes & underplanted with Spring bulbs)

Home grown bedding plants (in various quantites)

Vegetable plants

Fruit bushes



DIY hanging basket kits (free bag of bulbs and slow release fertiliser included) 




Garden Sundries

Bird food and feeders


Davies Brothers Gift Vouchers


The Nursery is transformed into a winter wonderland! We sell the finest Nordmann non-needle drop and Korean Fir Christmas trees. All our trees are displayed in stands, un-netted to enable you to choose your perfect one, which will then be netted back up and carried to your car. Prior to the start of the Christmas season our Christmas trees can be pre-ordered via our website.


We also have a fantastic range of fresh wreaths, which are handmade and decorated on site.


Explore our extensive range of tree decorations and ornaments in various themes. Davies Brothers gift vouchers are available to purchase during this time, which also make a great Christmas gift.


Tips on how to look after your Christmas tree:


Before bringing your beautiful Davies Brothers tree into your home we recommend keeping it outside in a bucket of water for one week (if you can't wait that long a minimum of 48 hours!) This will ensure your Christmas tree lasts as long as possible (treat it as you would cut flowers). Keep your tree away from direct heat, so not next to the radiator! It is also a good idea to give your tree a little space as they don't like being being knocked into or bashed by wagging tails! 


During the weekends of this season hot drinks and refreshments will be available.


Plants available during Christmas season:




Winter hanging baskets

Nordmann non-drop Christmas trees

Korean Fir Christmas trees

Rooted Christmas trees

Fresh wreaths




Table arrangements

Tree decorations

Christmas gifts

Davies Brothers Gift Vouchers

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